Teerific Jets has now released the “Micro Line” of our popular Jet Models. All four of the current kits are available in the Micro versions. All have proven to be extremely stable fliers. Kits contain all linkages and hardware. Models have been tested both indoors and outdoors, and have flown in up to 10mph winds.

Here are a few of the specifications:
11″ wingspan.
13″ length
1.5 oz total weight Ready to Fly
11-30 MPH flight speeds.
Laser cut 3MM Depron construction.

All flight-tested models have used a combination of the following airborne components:
Mighty Midget 10/3/26S WYE Brushless out runner motor.
GWS 30/30 propeller (balanced).
Falcon 1.6 gm Servos, and/or Blue Arrow 2.4 gm servos.
JMP Servo Only Style, Spektrum AR6100 (modified), and Spektrum AR6000 (modified) receivers.
220-250 MAH Li Po Battery.
Castle creations TB9, Phoenix 10, and YGE4BL Electronic Speed controls.

ARF (pre-built) versions are now available for Teerific Micro Jets. Just paint, install the radio, and go fly! Airborne flight packages and components are available from BSD Micro. www.bsdmicrorc.com

Go Fly Silver

Jet Kit: $29.95
MB13/2/16TJ Brushless Motor: $65.00
Brushless Motor Mount: $4.00
3-2 Prop: $1.50
Motor Connector: $1.50
Total: $93.00

$8.95 Savings

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  1. Murray McGrath on August 28th, 2007

    If I purchase the “go fly silver” package for 93 dollars, does this include the “controller” that I will need to fly the microkit plane I select.???
    If not, how do I order the controller unit ?

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