TeeRific Jet models was started in July 2005 after many requests for information and custom cut kits for our original F-35 Park/Indoor EDF Jet Model. The final rendition of the F-35 proved to be an extremely stable performer with a wide speed envelope and capable of surprising aerobatics. These aircraft have been tested and perform well in winds up to 15 miles per hour. Based on the success of the F-35, we have now designed and are producing an F-18 Super Hornet and a MIG 29. These latest two designs share the same great flying characteristics as the original F-35. To date, most kits have been of the custom cut variety, and are rather time consuming to produce. We have now secured a laser cutting source, and are finalizing the cutting files to produce these aircraft in quantity. This will provide a more consistent product and will be a little easier on the wallet for the final consumer. (New pricing is now in effect as of 2/7/06.)

The most challenging part of a good flying EDF is the correct ducting and power system. Our kits provide the optimum ducting for the 50 MM fan. Assembled, balanced, and tested fan units are available for that “Drop In” optimum performance.

Our goal is to produce a quality product that will provide good times at the local field or golf dome. Thanks for visiting TeeRific Jet Models and be sure to check back often.

TeeRific Power Systems

Each TeeRific Jet kit includes a custom vacu-formed intake/ motor mount combination designed for the Wemotec micro fan, and precision poly exhaust tube. A fan and motor combination is all that is needed to complete the jet.
All TeeRific Jets are currently designed to accept the Tee Jet power system. The power systems includes a Wemotec 50 MM micro fan and a good quality speed 300 sized brushless motor. This system provides an excellent thrust to weight ratio and very good EDF performance.

TeeRific Jets has for sale custom assembled, balanced, and tested fan/motor combinations providing the modeler a “drop in” unit that guarantees maximum performance. The modeler may also supply their own Wemotec fan and motor combination.

Micro Fan Comparison - Mamba 5400 vs. Razor 300 vs. Hyperion Y22S-5000

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